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Spritz Table Bit Chair Combination

Nardi (Italy) – Spritz Table & Bit Side Armchair

Spritz Table (Two option of height) and Stackable Side chair



Nardi (Italy) – Spritz Table and Bit Chair Combination

Spritz table in fibreglass resin with round top and three-leg base, suitable for outdoor use but perfect also as indoor furnishing. Easy to assemble and disassemble. It comes with a kit to set it up at two heights.

Refined design and attention to detail for Bit, a chair without armrests in UV-treated, mass-coloured fibreglass resin. Its design, perforation pattern and range of colours make Bit suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Consist of:-

  1. Spritz Table – 1 unit
  2. Bit Side Chair – 3 units

Colour as on picture : Anthracite



  • Material: Fibreglass Polypropylene  with UV additive (Table)
  • Table colour: White, Anthracite, Tortora,  Caffe,  Agave, Red, Celeste
  • Material: Fibreglass Polypropylene  with UV additive (Chair)
  • Chair colour: White, Anthracite, Tortora,  Corallo, Salice, Senape
  • Made in Italy
  • For further detail can click on the link.
  • Other variants table: Step Table
  • Other variants side chair: Trill Bistrot, Bora Bistrot, Costa Bistrot, Dalia, Erica, Dinner, Riva Bistrot
  • Other Variant folding side chair: Zac Spring & Zac Classic

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