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Clipx 80 Net Dining Set

Nardi (Italy) – Clipx 80 Table & Net Armchair

80cm Square Table and Stackable Armchair



Nardi (Italy) – Clipx 80 Square Table and Net Armchair Dining Set

Especially designed to take up very little space, ClipX is a professional square table in fibreglass resin, central support with four spokes and DurelTop tabletop, photo-engraved with a diamond perforated pattern

Net means refined relaxation: a single-body chair in fibreglass resin, decorated with a radial pattern of square perforations across the whole surface of the seat..

Consist of:-

  1. Clipx 80 Table – 1 unit
  2. Net Armchair – 4 units

Colour as on picture : Table – Tortora, Chair – Salice


  • Material: Fibreglass Polypropylene with UV additives (Table)
  • Table Colour: Anthracite, White & Tortora
  • Table Top: 80×80 cm.
  • Material: Fibreglass Polypropylene (Chair)
  • Chair colour: White, Anthracite, Tortora, Senape, Corallo, Salice
  • Made in Italy
  • For further detail can click on the link.
  • Other Size: Clipx 70
  • Other variants: Clip 70 and Clip 80
  • Other table: Bit, Net Relax, Trill, Trill Bistrot

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