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Balliu Olimpia Conjunto Set

Balliu Olimpia Conjunto Set




Balliu (Spain)  – Olimpia Conjunto Set


  • Available in Single Sofa, Double Sofa, Triple Sofa, Corner Table and Central Table.
  • Sofa and Table set for outdoor use
  • Enhanced aluminium frame for outdoor conditions.
  • The tables offer HPL table top and the cushion are made with Balliu fabric
  • You may choose your own combination
  • Made in Spain
  • Aluminium Colour: White, Aluminium
  • Up to 21 Sling Colours to choose from
  • HPL top colour: White, Grey and Teak
  1. Single Sofa
    • Dimension: 68cm X 62cm X 79cm
    • Weight:         8kg
  2. Double Sofa
    • Dimension: 126cm X 62cm X 79cm
    • Weight:         13.1kg
  3. Triple Sofa
    • Dimension: 184cm X 62cm X 79cm
    • Weight:         18.1kg
  4. Corner Table
    • Dimension: 54cm X 54cm X 35cm
    • Weight:         7.5kg
  5. Central Table
    • Dimension: 74cm X 54cm X 35cm
    • Weight:         9kg

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